A Letter to My Constituents

A Letter to My Constituents

I used my allotment of Legislative stationary to send this letter to about 2000 of my constituents. Since I know that didn't reach everyone, I'm sharing the text of it below.


As a constituent of Assembly District 15, I wanted to give you a quick update on what I accomplished, working with my colleagues, during the 80th Session of the Nevada Legislature.

Over 120 days, we passed new laws that will provide for greater economic success for Nevada’s families. The minimum wage will rise for the first time in a decade – reaching $12 an hour by 2024 – and most workers will now also be guaranteed paid sick leave for the first time. The legislature also made it easier for Nevadans to get professional licensing and start or grow a business.

Access to high-quality and affordable health care is critical, which is why this year we improved insurance coverage standards and protected people with pre-existing conditions. Nevada also put an end to surprise billing for emergencies – now, regardless of the hospital you go to or the doctor that treats you, you’ll only pay the prices in your insurance policy.

Nevada’s schools will operate under the largest education budget in state history, thanks to the largest boost of funding ever. The legislature increased spending by $1,000 per student, providing funds to give teachers and librarians a much-needed raise, improve safety and combat bullying, expand pre-K, and reduce class sizes. We also rewrote the half-century old funding formula so that money is allocated more fairly, and increased scholarship opportunities so more students can afford to go to college. Still, there is more work to be done to meet the needs of our students.

The 2019 legislature addressed community safety and gun violence by closing loopholes for background checks, ending the sale of bump stocks, and creating new safeguards that keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals. By updating laws in our criminal justice system that punished people long after they served their time, we will help individuals rejoin society and reduce the risk of them committing new crimes.

Those are just some of the highlights of a legislative session where hundreds of bills passed. We also made our elections more accessible and efficient, enacted consumer protections for renters, and increased our commitment to clean energy, clean water, and clean air for generations to come. I was proud to support these measures during my first session in the Nevada Legislature.

Of the five bills I introduced, four were passed into law and signed by Governor Sisolak:

  • Assembly Bill 137 guarantees our Native American tribes access to polling locations
  • AB 163 improves Nevada’s water conservation policies, making us one of the best in the US
  • AB 364 creates new title options for mobile homes, so it’s easier to buy and sell them
  • AB 377 will allow electric semi trucks to better compete with diesels, reducing air pollution

The session is over and I’m back home in Las Vegas, but I’m always at your service. Reach out to me anytime with ideas, questions or concerns. And please head to my website and social media pages, where you can stay updated on important issues facing our community.