About Howard

Howard Watts is a thoughtful progressive running to represent Assembly District 15 because he wants to improve the lives of Nevada families. Born and raised in Las Vegas, he has dedicated his career to fighting for policies that preserve the environment, protect consumers, increase access to the ballot box, and ensure dignity for immigrants and LGBTQ people. He's a proud and lifelong Democrat.

Howard was born on December 14, 1987, two months premature at Sunrise Hospital, but his parents could afford his care thanks to Culinary Union health insurance. Howard grew up in east Las Vegas and moved around town, starting and finishing his education in the Clark County School District, with brief stints in private school and homeschooI. He graduated from Las Vegas Academy’s Spanish language and culture program.

After that, Howard worked his way through college – first as a busboy, then as a nonprofit volunteer coordinator, and finally as a community organizer at the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. He eventually became the organization’s field director, helping thousands of high school and college youth register to vote and advocating on a wide range of issues.

For his work empowering young people to engage in the political process, he was recognized as a “Local Hero” by CityLife Magazine, “Activist of the Year” by Vegas Seven, and received the 2012 Mario Savio Young Activist Award. Howard graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas in 2011.

Howard has a long record of community service. Highlights include volunteering for Camp Anytown Las Vegas, serving on an advisory committee for the Las Vegas Valley Water District, and being appointed to Clark County’s Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife.

In 2015, Howard became a small business owner. He provides public relations and other support to nonprofit organizations and companies. He lives in the historic Huntridge neighborhood with his partner of seven years, Leora. They love to travel, especially in Nevada, and enjoy the outdoors through hiking, running, biking, camping, backpacking, fishing, and hunting.