Born and raised in Las Vegas, Howard Watts has dedicated his career to fighting for policies that preserve the environment, protect consumers, increase access to the ballot box, and ensure dignity for historically marginalized communities. A son of Culinary Union members and graduate of the Clark County School District and UNLV, Howard won election to the Nevada Assembly in 2018.

In the 80th Session of the Nevada Legislature, Assemblyman Watts introduced and passed laws to improve water conservation, support electric vehicles, improve Native American access to the ballot box,

and assist mobile home owners. In addition, he joined his colleagues in supporting measures that increased the minimum wage, guaranteed paid leave, advanced sweeping criminal justice and voting rights reforms, and made health care more affordable.

For his work empowering young people to engage in the political process, Howard was recognized as a “Local Hero” by CityLifeMagazine, “Activist of the Year” by Vegas Seven, and received the 2012 Mario Savio Young Activist Award.

Since the Nevada Legislature does not pay a living wage, Howard continues to own and operate a small public relations business. He lives in the historic Huntridge neighborhood with his partner of ten years, Leora. They love to travel, especially in Nevada, and enjoy the outdoors through hiking, running, biking, camping, backpacking, fishing, and hunting.