Assemblyman Watts speaks out on major water legislation

Assemblyman Watts speaks out on major water legislation

From the Reno Gazette Journal:

Assemblyman Howard Watts, D-Las Vegas, said he worried the bills lack provisions to protect communities and the environment from potentially harmful ramifications.

“We could end up with things like aquifer decline, groundwater mining or other things that have negative impacts,” Watts said.

From the Nevada Today blog:

Assembly Member Howard Watts (D-Las Vegas) zeroed in on AB 30’s potential to ease the path forward for SNWA’s pipeline when he asked whether the bill applies to interbasin transfers, as the pipeline will do if approved and built: “Would a 3M plan apply to those areas, or is it geared toward managing conflict mitigation for water rights only?” After DCNR’s tried to assuage Watts’ concern, he replied, “I’m concerned that the intent may be to resolve water rights conflicts, but that the mitigation measures could potentially result in harm to the public interest or environmental soundness.”