Assemblyman Watts Supports Bill Protecting 2020 Election

Assemblyman Watts Supports Bill Protecting 2020 Election

"Passed strictly along party lines, the measure does a few things. Of course, it expands the state’s vote-by-mail system during times of crisis, like the current pandemic, but it also requires counties to open a specific number of in-person polling places. For example, Washoe County would have to open 15 polling places for early voting and 25 for election day.

Speaking in support of the bill on the floor of the Assembly, Democrat Howard Watts of Las Vegas told lawmakers this process will keep voters like his father safe.

“The virus is still raging,” Watts said. “We’ve got infections and hospitalizations at very high rates. I think about people like my dad, who normally always goes to vote in person, but is extremely high risk and is staying inside to stay safe. I don’t want him or countless other voters having to navigate a process that they’re unfamiliar with in order to request and receive a [general election] ballot.”

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