Assemblyman Watts Tackles Vehicle Emissions

Assemblyman Watts Tackles Vehicle Emissions

Read the full article in the Nevada Current about the RenewNV scorecard release. Here's some highlights from the story:

“We are well on our way to reducing carbon emissions from our energy sector, but actually now transportation is the number one source of carbon emissions,” Assemblyman Howard Watts said at the event. “We have health impacts related to that transportation pollution.”

The most important next legislative steps is figuring out how to move away from fossil fuel transportation to electric transportation, said Watts.

Watts was the sole sponsor of successful legislation that provided weight and length exemptions for electric semi-trailer trucks.

“Those put out some of the worst diesel pollution. We’ve all been blasted by them,” Watts said.

In an interview, Watts said he believed there is support in the Legislature to emulate California’s mandate to increase sales of zero-emission vehicles and auto emission standards, the nation’s toughest. Thirteen states and the District of Columbia have adopted California’s standards.

“Several of the bills passed had to do with electric vehicles,” Watts said. “So I think that’s the first step. I think there is more work we can do to promote electric vehicles and I think moving towards those ZEV standards is a good next step for our state.”