First bill by Assemblyman Watts becomes law

First bill by Assemblyman Watts becomes law


"Governor Steve Sisolak has signed a bill into law that removes barriers to voting on Native American reservations and colonies.

Assembly Bill 137 eliminates the requirement for tribal governments to obtain approval from the offices of local city and county election officials in order to establish polling sites in each election.

Under AB 137, county and city clerks will be required to continue to recognize established polling places within the boundaries of tribal lands in each election, unless otherwise requested by tribal authorities.

“As Legislators, we must ensure that our election system is fair and that every community has access to the ballot box,” said Assemblyman Howard Watts, the primary sponsor of the bill. “By removing cumbersome rules that require tribal governments to apply and reapply for polling places in each election, AB 137 provides tribal communities with greater consistency and improved access to polling sites on their lands.”

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