• Howard's Accomplishments

  • Economy

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  • Environment & Energy

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  • Democracy

  • Justice

Since being elected in 2018, Howard has passed several bills into law. He led successful efforts in the Nevada Legislature to:  

• Increase water conservation

• Assist mobile home owners

• Promote the use of electric vehicles

• Guarantee voting access for Native communities

• Create a Student Loan Ombudsman - an advocate and assistant for Nevada's student borrowers

Howard's family worked hard to make ends meet. He believes that all work deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that people should be protected from bad business practices. We can make the economy work better for ALL Nevadans by:  

• Create a living wage that increases with inflation

• Protect the right to form a union and bargain collectively

• Expand paid leave

• Expand access to retirement plans and other benefits for contract workers

• Support small businesses development and economic diversification

• Protect renters and borrowers from excessive fees and unfair practices

Howard was born two months premature and spent the first month of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit at Sunrise Hospital, so he has firsthand experience with quality care, and how costly it can be. Nobody should suffer or die because they can’t afford healthcare – it should be a basic human right. Here's what we can do to expand and improve health care in Nevada:

• Expand access to mental health services

• Increase health insurance options for our immigrant neighbors

• Protect the right of women to control their bodies through family planning and access to abortion care

• Invest in public health and medical education

• Expand the use of telemedicine

• Ensure more of our families are vaccinated against serious diseases

There’s no doubt that humans have altered the climate. That’s particularly bad for Nevada, the driest state in the nation with triple-digit summers. If we don’t act, we’ll keep getting hotter and drier, facing a decreased water supply, health impacts from extreme heat, and the loss of habitat as a result. Nevada can lead the nation down a smarter path. We can leave a sustainable legacy to future generations that also diversifies and strengthens our local economy:

• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in clean transportation and improving public transit

• Keep It In The Ground - Halt new oil and gas drilling and focus on clean energy

• Become the global leader for water conservation and innovation

• Protect and promote access to our public lands and waters

• Reduce waste and cut down on single-use items like bags, straws, and cups

• Decrease our exposure to toxic chemicals in food, water, and air; at work, at home and in the wild

Howard had a variety of educational experiences in Nevada – public, private, homeschool, magnet, and public university. Since being elected, he's visited the schools in Assembly District 15. While there's a lot of great work happening, it's undeniable that kids are being left behind and we have some catching up to do. Education is the foundation of our state – it trains workers, develops entrepreneurs, and crafts smart and caring citizens. Here’s how we can strengthen the state’s education system:

• Increase funding for public education

• Refocus teacher and school evaluation on student growth

• Ensure every school district provides medically accurate and age-appropriate sex education

• Hold charter schools to the same accountability standards as public schools, since they are receiving public dollars

• Keep public dollars out of private schools

Democracy is the root of American society. We make better decisions when everybody’s voice is heard, and to make that happen we need limits on the influence of big donors and more transparency in campaign finance and government activity. Nevada’s election system is among the best in the country, with major advances in the last legislative session. Howard wants us to be number one by making voting as accessible and efficient as possible while preserving the system’s integrity. He supports these measures to strengthen our democracy:

• Improve the state’s public records and campaign finance disclosure laws

• Expand access to the polls for Native Americans and other marginalized communities

• Invest in our election infrastructure and cybersecurity

We must make our community as safe as possible while respecting civil liberties and due process for all. While people should be held accountable for their actions, in many cases they also deserve a real opportunity for a second chance. Howard supports the following reforms to increase every resident’s access to justice:

• Reform the bail system

• Repeal the death penalty

• Take minor offenses like jaywalking off the books

• Promote racial and gender equity, and protect immigrant communities

• Crack down on discriminatory practices and harassment