NV Indy Freshman Orientation: Assemblyman Howard Watts

NV Indy Freshman Orientation: Assemblyman Howard Watts

You can read the full interview and profile here, but when asked about my top 3 issues for the session, my response was:


"While I care deeply about expanding economic security, making sure health care is affordable and accessible for all, and investing in a quality education system, my [bill draft requests] are generally focused on areas where my expertise can best help me improve conditions for the residents of District 15.

I’d like to advance our state’s leadership in promoting sustainable and smart water use. As our state’s most important and limited natural resource, I think it’s important that we continually push to do better in managing water. I’m working on a measure to increase water conservation and am excited to see this becoming a top issue for a growing number of members of the Legislature.

I’m also exploring options to improve the election system – especially ways we can leverage technology to make voting more accessible and efficient. Nevada already gets well-deserved high marks for its election system, but we can be number one. In the process, we can make sure more people are able to register and vote without issue.

Finally, I’m working on a bill to improve the process for mobile home owners to sell and transfer ownership of their property. There are many manufactured home communities in the district, so I’m researching homeowners’ concerns and crafting problem-solving legislation."